Our Fee Schedule

Ancillary Service Fee

Hand Feeding

$ 25-40/day

Tube Feeding

$ 35-45/day

Incontinence Care

$ 50-75/day

In-House Special Care Fee

Extra Care Giver (Day-time)

$ 25- 55/hour or
$ 200-250/day

Errand Services (Day-time)

$ 45/hour

Transportation (Day-time)

$ 40 per trip within
5 miles from the facility

$ 25.00 for each
additional mile

Respite Care

$ 95-150/day


$ 15/hour

Payment Arragement

Medication / Supplies Billed Directly by the Pharmacy
Doctor’s Visit Billed Directly by the Physician
Long Distance Telephone Calls Billed to Resident / Responsible Party
Transportation /Taxi Billed to Resident / Responsible Party
Personal Items / Errand Services Billed to Resident / Responsible Party


Payment for the first month should be made in advance to cover the cost of first 30 days services and due at move-in. Security Deposit is due within two weeks from the move-in date. Last month’s deposit is also required for short-term residents. Minimum stay is two weeks. Up to three months’ stay shall be considered short-term stay and fee will be assessed according to daily rate. Monthly fee is due by the 10th (tenth) of every month; and the fee for late payment is $35.00 a month.

Mailing Address for all payments is:
Treasurer c/o Senior HealthCare, 428 Northwest Drive, Silver Spring, MD 20901.

Checks should be made payable to Senior HealthCare.